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go the extra mile...the road is rarely crowded

Ethna Parker PhD 🌱 the essential researcher

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"I have pain in my (fill in the blank) which oil would work for that?"

I love it when friends and family reach out to me to talk about how essential oils could support their health. As a health researcher (and trainee Aromatherapist), it brings me joy. But, I always get a bit nervous recommending oils whilst ignoring the elephant in the room, i.e. lifestyle choices that could also make a difference.

I had just such a question from a dear friend recently. It would have been much easier for me to simply identify the oils that I know will help and say no more, but to do so, would not have best served their needs. For me, best serving their needs included suggesting ways they could create a lifestyle that reduced the risk of developing pain in the first place. Going the extra mile is less common today, there's a reason it's called the road less travelled!

The thing is, I have been blessed so many times by people going the extra mile for me that I don't ever want to forget that the best way to pay it forward, is to go the extra mile for someone else. So, instead of dashing off a quick response to my friend, this is what I wrote:

"There are oils that are very good at supporting muscle and joint health and would no doubt be great for you to start using on a regular basis, but it is highly likely that you also need to make some lifestyle changes if you want to minimise the risk of the issues returning in the future. This is because pain is caused by multiple factors and it takes multiple actions to decrease or eliminate it.

In terms of oils, I suggest taking 2 drops Frankincense, Lemon and Copaiba twice every day in a veggie capsule for at least 6 weeks. These oils are great for reducing inflammation - as are many others, but start with these. You may have to experiment to see what suits you best. I also recommend trying the following:

1. Cutting out sugar. Sugar is one of the biggest causes of inflammation that we know about today.
2. Walking as fast as you can every day for as long as you can manage. You set the pace and work out what suits your body and current health.
3. Spend time meditating on something that brings you pleasure. You decide what works for you. I find meditating on God's creation to be particularly helpful for me.

Putting these simple strategies to work each day have been scientifically proven to reduce stress which helps to normalise levels of inflammation in our bodies. Lowered inflammation equals less pain."

What about YOU? How do you pay it forward in your daily life?

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