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you know you're from Iceland when...

Ethna Parker 🌱 the essential researcher

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As someone who has lived in Iceland as a foreigner for many, many years, there are certain things that just feel 'Icelandic', like year-round gatherings in every village and town that help everyone to get through the endless winter or going to IKEA to buy (even more) stylish stuff for your already stylish home or just to eat super cheap, tasty food. Iceland factoid: IKEA Iceland makes more money in their restaurant than any other IKEA in the world! IKEA crushing aside, even more charming are all the quirky things Icelanders do every single day that make you either smile or roll your eyes, sometimes a bit of both, hahaha. I came across the following version of 'you know you're from Iceland when...' HERE and it made me laugh so much I thought I'd share it.

You know you're from Iceland when:

  • You’re suspicious of pink fish, and wouldn’t want to eat it out of choice.
  • But you like eating rotten fish (and sheep’s heads).
  • Despite the cold, ice cream is a very popular choice of snack.
  • You consider a Toyota Hi-Lux a 'runabout' and an F150 a small car.
  • There is no such thing as having overly large wheels on your vehicle.
  • You know that Icelandic jumpers are actually waterproof and windproof so may be used in all conditions.
  • Driving 150km to the cinema is regarded as normal.
  • You classify route 1 as a 'main road'
  • Reykjavík is a big city.
  • You like Opal as you’ve been conditioned to like the flavour from an early age with the same brand sweets.
  • You have an involuntary impulse to say 'How do you like Iceland?' when meeting a foreigner for the first time.
  • You use a credit card for all purchases, especially for less that Kr100.
  • You have been caught speeding by the police at least 5 times in the last year. When you get caught speeding you get a '25% discount' if you pay on the spot with a credit card.
  • You have Christmas lights up in your room all year round.
  • You have an urge to be a student in Denmark.
  • You eat rhubarb jam with beef.
  • Soup is considered a dessert.
  • The biggest parties revolve around horse and sheep festivals.
  • Whilst waiting for the correct time to go to the bar, you make as many circuits as necessary in your car on a 'Rúntur' around the town, stopping at regular intervals at the local petrol station.
  • Although not particularly interested in whaling or whale meat, you like to take part to wind up the international community.
  • You have a personal blog, and treat this as the primary communication system with your friends.
  • Cod liver oil is non-negotiable.
  • You think any plant taller than 15cm is a 'tree' and 5 together are known as a 'forest'.
  • You believe in trolls (when foreigners are in earshot), and think they live in 'suspicious looking rocks'. CORRECTION ALERT! I have recently been contacted by Bergþór, who wanted to clarify one of the points highlighted below:

    "okay, you pretty summed it all up very nice there. But there were some aspects that I didn't agree on like… You believe in trolls (when foreigners are in earshot), and think they live in 'suspicious looking rocks'." Here you are mentioning the Hidenfolk, or elfs they live in the rocks… trolls come from Esja and/or Hekla”.

  • You can actually pronounce the beer Egilsgull.
  • You have never heard of Magnus Magnusson, despite him being the most famous Icelander (ok after Björk)
  • There is no such thing as a time when you can’t say 'Haa?'
  • You like using the letters ð and þ, but get confused by the letter z.

I love that Icelanders enjoy their country so much and are not shy about discussing the idiosyncrasies of life in Iceland. It's refreshing to see a nation not taking themselves too seriously ♡ And now, it's time for a song...just because!

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